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We analyze your requirements thoroughly to make sure that you choose a system that is most effective for you. Once your system is installed, we are committed to providing you with continued service and support.

The Rewards & Bonus Card System is a "Total System." It does not require any additional outside assistance. What sets the Rewards & Bonus Card System apart is its ease of usage. It does not need an external terminal, data back up, computers, cash resisters, or additional software. Training time required by users is only 15 minutes! No prior computer skill is required!


1 year labor and part from the date of original purchase on the
Two Win+2000 System. *With in Southern California area, turn around time is 24 hours.
Two Win+2000 system is designed with ease of user in mind but if we can not solve the problems by telephone we will replace the system free of charge. *Except shipping charges.
Call 1-800-562-8080 for immediate service /or e-mail us.


Customer Support
1. Quick Installation Guide(2200Off-Line) Excel file Download  
2. TW2000(V2.17) Terminal Manual Download Printable Version
3. TW2200(V8.01) Terminal Manual Download Printable Version
4. TW2000H (V3.0)_Terminal Manual Download Printable Version
5. TW2000H (V3.0)_Terminal Manual (Korean) Download Printable Version
6. Product Order Form Download Printable Version
7. 2200 Off-Line : How To Setup
8. 2000H Stand Alone : How To Start Bonus Card System
9. 2000H Stand Alone : How To Make Prepaid & Gift Card
10. 2000H Stand Alone : How To Make Cashier ID & Report Card
11. 2000H Stand Alone : Terminal Maintenance
12. 2000H Stand Alone : Trouble Shooting

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Fax: (213) 389-4579
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