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HTC Group, Inc.
has been a leading provider of the Rewards and Loyalty Card Systems since 1999. We are the first and only distributor in U.S. of the Rewards & Loyalty Card System using Two Win+2000H, Two Win+2200 On-line and Two Win+2200 Off-line system. 

In 2010, after many years of research and continuous improvements, HTC Group has revealed its latest line of customer loyalty card system - The Happy Point System

HTC Group, Inc. is dedicated to helping Business Owners increase sales and improve business relationships with customers.

The Happy Point System attracts new customers and will increase your customer retention rate. Our system is unique and new to the existing market place. Our success can be attributed to the strategy of being consumer-focused and future-oriented. This is demonstrated by massive investments in research and development.

The Happy Point System is based on the "Win - Win" marketing concept of the preceding model, the Two Win system. Your customers/or clients will "Win" by coming back frequently to earn more Bonus/ Rewards and business owners will "Win" by retaining customers on a regular basis. 

The Rewards & Bonus Card System is currently showing its effectiveness in many kinds of businesses in Europe and Japan.