Two Win+2000  Quick Manual

Bonus Card Function

1. Turn the Power On. And the screen with date, day, and time will appear.

2. Issuing the Percent Bonus Card for FIRST TIME customer. 

 (Display should have [ Percent Mode ],  if not refer to Switching Functions)


Insert Blank Card

Input Sales Amount then Press  [EXE]

Choose Customer Type

) VIP Customer Card : press [1]  ) Normal Customer Card :  press [2]

Input Customer Name* (16 characters max.) or Skip process,  Press [EXE]

 * Customer Name or Preset test Maximum 16 Characters. Use the arrow keys then press [EXE]

   [ X ] Button =123    [ + ] Button = ABC  [ - ] button = abc

3. When a customer already has a card in use.  Display should have [Percent Mode]


Insert Customer’s Card

Enter the total sales amount, then press [EXE]

4. When a customer wants to REDEEM Bonus


Insert Customer’s Card

Press [ R ] : Display should change to [Redeem Mode]

Enter the amount of bonus redeemed, then press [EXE]

5. When you’ve entered INCORRECT amount OR a customer wants a REFUND.


Insert customer’s Card

Press [R]  Then press [F] : Display should change to [Return Mode]

Enter the incorrect amount entered OR the amount of refund, then press [EXE]

Reinsert customer’s card to enter the correct amount.

6. When the card is full (22nd Entry) – Transferring old information to a new card.


When the last line is used, you will hear a beep sound ( Display should show [Reissue Card] )

Take out the inserted card, and insert a new blank card

Enter Customer’s name OR skip the process, then press [EXE]

The last credit amount and ID-No. will be transferred to the new card automatically

7.When you get an ERROR message after inserting a card


* First, Clean the “Head” of the terminal (*Refer to Maintenance information)

Press [F] Press [2]   Sect either VIP [1] or Normal [2]

Enter your Password Enter Card count [1] Enter error card’s credit balance

Enter customer’s name OR skip the process, then press [EXE] Insert new blank card

8. Report

Press [F] Press [4] Key Enter Your Password [****]                                             Choose Select Mode : -) Prepaid Mode [1]  -)  Percent Mode [2]                                               Cashier Total [1], Daily Total [2], Monthly Total [3], Yearly Total [4]

Entering Information

Store Contact Info Setup and Text Input

1. Store Information Setup : Setup name of store , Address , Call number etc.


Press [F]

Press [F], again

Input Password [1234321]

Select [1]

 * Now you are ready to register your store contact information. 

2. Input Mode


[X] Number Mode: 12345678902

[+] Caps Mode: ABCDEFG…

[-] Lowercase Mode: abcdefg

[0] Symbol Mode: ▼ ! ” # $ % & ’ ( ) * + , _ . / : ; < = > ? @ [ ] ^ _ ‘ { \ } ~

3. Key Functions


[X] key: Switch to Number Mode

[+] key: Switch to Caps Mode

[] key: Switch to Lowercase Mode

[0] key (while in either Caps or lowercase mode): Switch to Symbol Mode

[0~9] key: To enter text (ex. To input B, press 2 twice)

[] key: to shift to next letter

[] key: to move cursor to the left for revision

[C] ancel key: Initiates a sentence and shifts cursor to the initial position.

[EXE] key: Stores and saves information

4. Note: When input letter


One letter is completed and then using right [→] key and step up next stage.

One character is completed, using Right [→] key and then move to next blank

In special character, using dame method.

The capability of input quantity is depend on of character size.

(Capital : 16, Normal : 32, Small :48)

5. Setup of character size


In Capital Size: 16 characters per line – 3 key

In Normal (Default) Size: 32 characters per line – 2 key

In Small Size: 48 characters per line – 1 key


 * to change text size: Enter symbol “▼” , then select number for size. Then begin entering text.


to print HTC in Capital Size:  ▼3 HTC

to print HTC in Different Sizes:  ▼,3,H,▼,2,T,▼,1,C  = HTC



Terminal Maintenance

*In order to maintain your terminal in good condition,

you must perform the following cleaning procedures regularly as indicated.

A. Card Reader Cleaning (Once every two to three days)

1.   Locate white buttons on both sides of the terminal.


2.   Press both buttons simultaneously and lift up the cover to open the terminal.


3.   Push down the knob below the “smiley sticker.”


4.   Twist it to your right to lift the hatch.


5.   Locate the metal plate (about 1cm x 1cm) above two wheels on the bottom. 


6.   Apply rubbing alcohol to a Q-Tip and clean the plate gently. 

Make sure to dry it after. 


7.  Close the hatch.  Press the knob and turn it to your left.

B. Card Writer Cleaning (Once every 15 to 20 days)

1.           Locate white buttons on both sides of the terminal.    

Press both buttons simultaneously and lift up the cover to open the terminal.


2.           Locate the “Penguin Sticker” between two holes on a panel.


3.           Press the panel then push the metal rod away from you.  This will unlock a hatch.  Pull it towards you. 


4.           Locate a strip of black film on the bottom of the hatch. 


5.           Apply rubbing alcohol to a Q-Tip and clean the filmstrip gently. 

Make sure to dry it after.


6.           Close the hatch by pressing the plate then locking the metal rod on top