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Front Side of Cards

Reward Bonus Card System

HTC Bonus Card System is a revolutionary marketing and promotional tool that combines both prepaid/gift card function and frequency/loyalty card function into one simple system. Through our exclusive customer management system, you can increase the number of frequent customers, reward and retain your loyal clienteles, boost your sales, and maintain a database of all the transactions.

* We are proud to announce that the standard model is now equipped with Employee Time card function. Say goodbye to those old fashioned time clocks and manual time cards!

1. What is a prepaid/gift card?

The #1 seller for gifts in any holiday season is a gift card! Most businesses today have replaced the traditional paper gift certificates with bulky plastic cards that resemble ordinary credit cards. Our system is unique in that we use attractive high-tech magnetic cards that visually record the remaining value on the back.

2. What is a frequency/loyalty card?

It is an incentive program for your customers that will acknowledge frequent visits and award redeemable reward points according to their level of spending in your business. It shares the same concept as traditional punch-hole cards you see at most franchise stores. Our system’s unique magnetic cards replace these flimsy and unprofessional paper cards, as well as bulky plastic cards that resemble credit cards.

Back side of percent card
Back side of prepaid card

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