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Burger King(Guam)

The Best, Exciting, Money-Making Marketing Tool !!
(Managing Director)

Han Nam Super Market

“Over 80% of customers carry HTC Bonus card system in our super market. That allows me to know that they are our frequent customers, and they are rewarded for it I have been using HTC Bonus system for over 6 years in all of my Super Markets and what a huge success it has been, with such a small investment!”
(Han Nam Super Market President , Kim Jin Soo)

Todai Restaurant

“For last 4 years we have used HTC bonus cards for all of our locations and we've had tremendous responses from the customers. Our Restaurants have grown to over 20 locations nation wide and at every opening there's HTC Bonus card system”.
( Todai Restaurant Franchise Marketing Manager, Sara Suh)

Castle Restaurant

“I give two thumbs up! What a great way to advertise! We were able to easily create many frequent customers! But the greatest part of it is that our sales revenue has increased 30% in such short time and is still growing, Fantastic! Thank you HTC Group!”
(Castle Restaurant Owner, Sean Kim)

California chicken roasters

“With the help of HTC Bonus Card System, I doubled my sales revenue in 2 months!! Now my store value has almost doubled! What a powerful system.”
(California chicken roasters Owner)

The Mind Body

"Amazing, just amazing!! Give it a try, you won't regret it! "

HyunDae Gift

"Wonderful! I would have never expected to gain so much benefits from this system! I was wrong. "

LaSunHa Beauty Salon

"I recommend HTC Bonus Card System to every business owner! It really works!"

Ace Beauty Supply & Salon

"Since our Grand Opening, thanks to HTC Bonus Card, I have already created many loyal customers."

Candys Beauty Supply

"We’ve been using HTC Bonus Card System for 5 years. Since then, we’ve opened 3 more stores and are currently opening another one. I couldn’t have done it without HTC."

Lee Ga Ja Beauty Salon

"My customers simply love it! I love it that they come back with a smile on their faces! "
(Hair Designer, Elly Kang)

Candys Beauty Supply

"My customers love it. what a fantastic idea, Thank you HTC "