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Intoducing the ZP-2000H Series Rewards & Bonus Card System


If you are interested in building a good business relationship with your customers, then consider the ZP-2000H. Using the same technology as large corporations and franchises, they will change the way you do business by replacing flimsy punch-card systems with attrative magnetic plastic cards that fit conveniently in a wallet. In just secounds, you can record your customers' purchases and reward them with 7010 series is an investment that will keep clientele coming back to you-instead of your competition.


LCD Display:

4-line, 128x64 Dot Graphic LCD (Black light type)
1.5 Sec/Round Trip

Material: Magnetic Pet
(Thermal print type)
Dendity:101 BPI
Capacity: Max 47 Characters
Method: Line thermal print
Print Line: 27Lines

Back side of percent card
Back side of prepaid card

Interface Type

Serial Port connection for computer link.Via RS-232C Interface, 9600 Baud Rate.