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Did you ever dream of owning your own business?

Why not follow your dreams?
HTC GROUP, INC is recognized as one of the leading providers of the Rewards & Bonus Card System in the USA since 1999.

Rewards & Bonus Card System is currently showing its effectiveness in all kinds of businesses in Europe and Japan. The One-Touch function system is bringing a whole new sensation into the business.

Rewards & Bonus Card System is based on the idea of the Airline Mileage system. On every visit, a certain percentage of the purchase is saved as a bonus. The Rewards & Bonus Card System uses the latest technology of
Two Win+2000 and Two Win+2200.

HTC GROUP, INC. takes pride in offering you access to one of the most reasonable priced, well-structured, dealership programs.
Our concept is to keep your investment low, the operation simple and a business with growth potential.

This concept has propelled the
HTC GROUP, INC. to be the fastest growing Rewards & Bonus Card System in Southern California.

We believe in flexibility that makes it possible for an entrepreneur to grow their own Rewards & Bonus Card System business with continuing growth built in.

Main factors to consider are following:

1. We will give you an exclusive territory.

2. You will have exclusive control over all sales of the Rewards & Bonus Card System within your area. You can either operate as a single unit dealership or a resell dealership in smaller areas.

3. Sales profit - through first initial sale by selling Two Win+2000 and Two Win+2200 system and first card order.

4. Sales profit - continues by servicing your customer with reprint-orders.
Two Win+2000 and Two Win+2200 is specially designed to use only magnetic cards that can only printed by us.

5. In the future you can re-sell your business to a buyer. The price of your business can be determined by your sweat equity equaling to how much volume reprint orders for card orders that come in on an ongoing bases. This is an unique business with loyalty and exclusivity builtin with unlimited growth potentials that can only be contoll by you!

We provide the highest quality available and our price is competitive. The HTC GROUP, INC. offers a great opportunity for hard-working, people-loving individuals. We provide extensive training and ongoing support that only a franchise company can offer.

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