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Front Side of Cards

Reward Bonus Card System

1. Increases sales by creating an incentive program.
2. Enables store owner to monitor all sales and
customer frequency.
3. Cheaper than flier distribution and other types of advertising.
4. Makes customer feel like a member of your business.
5. Card images create eye-catching marketing tool.
6. Fashionable way to advertise your business.
7. Uses tamper-proof technology.
8. Increases customer loyalty.
9. Replaces clumsy punch-card systems.
10. Effective, convenient, and affordable.

Old Style Card

Bonus Card (Back Side)
Gift Card (Back Side)


Rewards & Bonus Card System can also be customized to meet your exact needs in aviation at the point of sale, card design, card reloading, customized reporting and much more.
Bonus Program: Calculates desired percentage rate of sales as bonus reward and records cumulative bonus balance
Total Accumulated: Records total amount spent or total mileage traveled.
Prepaid: Prepaid card balance is deducted with each purchase. Customer can add amount to card at any time.
Mark Point: Keeps track of purchases using marks. Bonus or discount awarded when customer reaches desired number of points.